Cast Members

Princess Savannah

​Savannah started Dream Time Princess Events with the help of her family in 2015. She is a freshman in college that was involved in the musicals and choir throughout high school, and loves to dance in her free time. She babysits for many families, and volunteers with the children at her church.

Princess Haleigh

Haleigh is an OB nurse. She was on the Maryville University Dance Team, and was involved in choir and musicals throughout high school.

Princess Seny

Seny is a freshman in college. She is a frequent babysitter, and enjoys helping out with the children at her church.

Princess Julianna

Julianna is a violin teacher and enjoys singing, acting, and dancing. She loves to work with children, whether it is her own niece and nephew, her students, or children from her church.

Princess Hope

Hope is a senior in high school. She enjoys singing and dancing and loves being around kids. She also teaches dance to children ages 3 to 10.

Hero Luke

Luke is a 7th grade English teacher who has loved super heroes his whole life. He was recently married and is looking forward to starting a family soon.

Princess Lalianna

Lalianna is a junior in college, but you will also find her at many other jobs. Lali is an intern for a middle/high school youth ministry, works in after school childcare, and participates in her church's worship band. Lali was also involved in color guard during high school. 

Princess Ansley

Ansley is a junior in college and recently became a CNA. She is planning to become a pediatric nurse. Ansley is a Team USA triathlete, a Girls On The Run coach, frequent babysitter, and enjoys playing the violin. 

Hero Nathan

Nathan is currently attending Southeast Missouri State University and studying to become a school teacher. He loves spending his free time with his friends, family, and his very own princess (Princess Maria). 

Princess Maria

Maria is a sophomore in college. She is an ambassador as well as president of student government. She is an avid colorer and loves connect the dots. 

Princess Karissa

Karissa is in a seven year college to become a pharmacist. Currently, she is working as a pharmacy technician. Karissa was involved in dance, cheerleading, and track during high school. 

Princess Christy

Christy has always been a big fan of princesses and glitter. A biology graduate from St. Louis University, Christy now teaches music to kids of all ages around the St. Louis area while finishing her music education degree at Webster University. In her spare time, she loves to bake, craft, and sleep!

Princess Jordan

Jordan is a biochemist and is in her second year of graduate school. She enjoys dancing, painting, and having tea parties. Jordan has over 10 years of experience working with children at church and in the community. 

Princess Morgan

Morgan is a senior in high school. She is heavily involved in the choir program at her school. She loves music, enjoys drinking coffee with friends in her free time, and exploring new places. Morgan also babysits a ton!

Princess Maribel

Maribel is currently completing her senior year. Upon graduation, she plans on attending STLCC, then transferring to the University of Chicago to major in English. She has been on speech team for two years, and is the co-editor for yearbook at her school. She also runs Track and Cross Country for her high school. 

Princess Lindsey M.

Lindsey is a sophomore in college and is planning on getting her teaching degree in elementary art education. She loves spending time with her family, knitting, and playing the piano.

Princess Lindsey P.

Bio Coming Soon

Hero Josh

Josh is a graphic designer and support manager at a marketing and publishing company. He is also a freelance model and actor. Most recently he was a stuntman in a superhero action movie. Josh serves in the youth and children's ministry at church.